Friday, January 6, 2017

Daniella Okeke's Birthday Did Not End Without A Luxurious Car, Check It Out!

Actress Daniella Okeke has indeed started the year with a bang! The bootylicious actress who recently  turned a year older has also received a gift of a brand new Range Rover Vogue Dynamic! The cheapest of which costs about 47000$.
Daniella who couldn't  hide her joy took to Instagram to inform her fans that her baby is home referring  to the vehicle.

Unlike some,  Daniella did not pretend to be ignorant about the giver.  In fact,  she did a second post to gush about her 'Bae' who spoilt her silly with the expensive car.

From what we could gather,  there is more than a car waiting for the actress,  it seems her Texas love we has promised a ring or does she have it already?

Whichever way,  Daniella plans to jet out soon to meet her love and we will be waiting for the bling news!

Congrats on your new ride girl... Welcome to the league. #Labos

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