Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Designer reveals who Melania Trump FLOTUS really is as a person.

The designer who helped the first lady of the United states Melania Trump to achieve some of her looks for the inauguration and functions that followed has revealed that behind the 'girl' is a very miraculous lady.

Alice Roi the designer described FLOTUS as "meticulous, impeccable, simple and not glitzy," Roi revealed that in private, Melania knows her style without being pushed around and is surprisingly shy despite her status as a super model.

"She prefers a somewhat retro style like she still lives in the 50s" Rio said.
The designer also revealed that Mrs Trump is a philanthropist, according to Alice Rio, the first lady has an amazing heart "At her baby shower at FAO Schwartz, what you bought went to charity and the money that you spent also went to charity," Roi said.

"She's almost beaming because she is such a lovely person and extremely thoughtful. She always takes time to do the right things, thank you letters ... I've had many conversations with her about school and children. She's really a miraculous person and very principled".

In essence, the designer thinks it is totally wrong to judge a book by its cover. Melania Trump is really a wonderful person and should not be judged by what her outward appearance depicts.
An example of Melania Trump's principled side was seen when a YouTuber called her son an autistic patient.

Melania's maternal instinct and strong family values played a big role in the public apology and retraction that followed.
The First Lady might just shock us all and steal our hearts like Michelle Obama did.

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