Friday, January 27, 2017

Don't Teach Us How To Be Gay, Nigerians Bash Bisi Alimi For Attacking Nollywood

Gay rights activist and 100% gay Nigerian Bisi Alimi took out time to watch a Nollywood movie that portrayed some characters as gay men and he did not feel the movie.
According to the married gay man, the actors did little or no research at all thereby portraying homosexuality in a 'stupid' way.
He expressed his anger and frustration with the industry for taking their homophobic nature into the industry.
He then began a lecture of being gay and how to be gay in case the actors decided to do a follow up on the movie... The did not go down well with Nigerians and they were quick to educate him on what Nollywood entails.
Comments directed at Bisi told him categorically that the actors were obviously not gay, hence they wouldn't know how to be gay.
Secondly, they were not trying to Tracy's how to be gay but the lessons and implications of being gay.
Several comments told the gay activist to keep his gay lectures for himself and his husband.
Well, we were at least able to learn one thing from Mr. Alimi. In the LG community, there is nothing like 'husband and wife ' but 'husband and husband ' or 'wife and wife'!
No knowledge is wasted.

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