Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Enjoy A Lonely Life With Your Sex Toys, Fan Tells Funmi Iyanda Following Her Marriage Tweet.

Forty five year old Funmi Iyanda has been hit hard by a troll on Twitter after the Talk show host revealed on Twitter that never had she had interest in the institution called marriage.

Funmi who is also a writer and blogger tweeted that she visited a palm reader who read her cards and informed her that she was not destined to marry.
The beautiful Funmi found it funny that she had to pay to hear what she already knew about herself.
Prayerful Nigerians however did not find it funny as they began to shower her with prayers casting and binding every evil prophecies. Ms Funmi was forced to intervene that she actually was not interested in getting married.
This did not go down with one particular male follower who tweeted rather rashly asking who 'services Funmi's engines'. "people like you are used to sex toys" he tweeted and wished her a lonely life.
While some other followers have responded to the vulgar tweet with serious bashing, the object of the tweet has ignored the insensitivity of the commenter.

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