Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I Can't Survive Life Without Tuface - Annie Idibia Weeps

All we see is love, adoration and devotion in Annie Idibia's midnight thoughts. The actress and mother of two who is married to Innocent Idibia Tuface could not bottle the emotions that overwhelmed her as she stared at this picture below.

In her words,  she teared up and began to think of her great love for her husband Innocent.
The actress reveals that the mere thought of having to live without the last be of her life is frightening so much that she can't think of it.
"I know I won't survive if I have to live without him. " she wrote. The actress's greatest wish is to grow old with Tuface and die side by side with him.
This is a marriage that is built to last from all indications! Good luck to Annie,  may she get her wish.

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