Wednesday, January 4, 2017

It's Been Years And The Love Between Actors Damola And Bukola Keeps Growing

In the past and even till date,  male actors do not like dating their female colleagues talk more of marrying them. Without mentioning names,  we can boldly say that the few ones who tried it regretted it.
Reasons of waywardness and extravagance are ways cited by these actors when asked why  they can't date or marry their colleagues.
She even admit to dating but swear against marriage.

So it was with great scepticism  that we took the news of Damola Olatunji and Bukola Awoyemi's affair.

Both Nollywood actors got into a relationship without announcing to anyone but their pregnancy  announced to everyone who  cared to know.

These two actors have a beautiful  set of twins today and their love waxes stronger from all indications even though the 'deal' has not been legalised with a proper marriage. (except  it was done hush hush)
One thing is clear however,  they are still together and would likely remain together if Bukola ditches Nollywood and concentrates on the home...but if she can not do that,  we can only hope and pray that their love is strong enough to hold them!

By the way,  their lovely kids were two yesterday,  happy Birthday to them.

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