Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Malawian Journalist Accuses His Wife Of Witchcraft, Says She Will Kill Him...

A Malawian Journalist Collins Mtika has called out his wife of many years in a public post on Facebook accusing her of witchcraft and claiming she is after his life.

In a post which has long since been deleted, Mr Mtika displayed his wife's photo boldly and wrote "This is the witch I am married to,  this one will kill me one day"
According to a Malawian News agency,  this is not the first time the Journalist has publicly disrespected his wife in similar posts.
We can't help but wonder why they are still married if they feel this way about each other. Also,  why would a grown man publicly call his wife a witch and even display her picture for recognition.
Things we see on the social media!

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