Monday, January 30, 2017

Matters Of The Heart With La'bos: My Husband Married Me As Punishment!

Without doubt, I know he married me to punish me for my sins of the past, he most likely never lived me. But how can a man sacrifice his future just to punish a girl who wronged him?

I am not enjoying this marriage and he is not either.

Lakunle and I have known each other for eight years and have been married for three years. Our first five years of relationship were very eventful I must say.

I made Lakunle pursue me for a whole year before giving in to him, those 365 days were kind of interesting to me. I watched him run after me with gifts, I embarrassed him and insulted him in the presence of my friends, I called him a moron many times then finally accepted to date him.

Then we dated for four years, I was the boss in our relationship. I was always telling him what to do and how to do it. Let's just say I considered myself a hot catch and made my boyfriend sweat for catching me. I can't remember doing anything willingly for him.

He worshipped me, cooked for me, washed for me, wound lick my feet if I ordered him. I was the envy of my friends who kept cheering me on.

The truth is: I loved him, I truly loved him even as I did all those things, I was only playing according to what I felt were the rules. Until he proposed to me.
I was ecstatic, I said yes. I married him.

Our first night as a couple, he slapped me, and there it began. The abuse, both physically and mentally.
I still cannot believe this is my own Lakunle.
 The guy who was my personal fool for five years. The sad thing is, whenever he abuses me, he reminds me of the instance when I did a similar thing to him. He even mentions the date, the time and the outfit we both had on.

Why then did you marry me? I asked him in frustration one day and he answered me without blinking "to punish you"
I love him. We have a son Now and nothing has changed. I have pleaded with him to forgive me but he said we have two more years to go.

I don't understand. Two years of torture or two more years as a couple? Dies he plan to forgive me when we are even in years or divorce me and leave me with a baby and status?

I'm confused and sad. It's like living in a cage.
Sincerely, I regret my childish actions back then, and I want to live a living life with my husband.
How do I do this please?


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