Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Matters Of The Heart With La'bos: I Have Scars From Daily Blows But I Love Him...

I know many women will hate me for this, believing I'm either a complete fool, or that Daniel has jazzed me. I have talked to a lot of people and that is always their reaction after i tell them I can't leave Daniel my boyfriend. Yes we are not married, but we could as well be!

My name is Jasola and I started dating Daniel when I was in the University, my second year precisely. He was my first boyfriend and he's being my only boyfriend, well almost.

When I began dating Daniel, a lot of my friends warned him that he would break my heart, he was a popular playboy, user and all that; but I went ahead and he proved them all wrong.

According to Daniel, his love for me changed him as he was all what they called him and even more. I blessed my stars and I loved him more...
Daniel graduated before me, he was already in his final year when we started dating so he left that same year as I proceeded to year three.
And that was the genesis of our problems.

He would call me every minute and expect me to answer every time even if I was in class, he became unnecessarily angry all the time. He would contract guys to watch my moves and report to him, my male friends where insulted and some even assaulted by unknown assailants.

Yet we remained together. I loved him and he swears to love me, I know he does.
His jealousy did not stop even after I left school and all through service year.

I remember the first day Daniel hit me, it was like a dream. I had just woken up in my apartment and was brushing my teeth when he came with his key, came straight to my bathroom and hit me hard across the face. I was so stunned that despite the stinging pain I couldn't cry.
"Daniel, why did you do that?" I asked with the ;pain and shock I felt.
"Tell me where you slept last night?"he barked and I just could not answer, I was too stunned because I slept right in my room and on my bed alone. I ordered him to leave.

He came back apologizing profusely and even shedding tears that his love for me was driving him insane. I forgave me, not because he apologized but because I loved him madly.

Well it did not stop. I tried seeing other guys, but I always returned to him and most times he would punish me for daring to leave him.
Right now I have scars all over from daily blows but I love him, I cant date another, can't sleep with another, we are engaged already. Would marrying him be signing my own death penalty?
He gets angry easily but I swear he loves me and I'd die without him.
Plese don't call me foolish, just advise me.

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