Monday, January 23, 2017

Melania Trump's Gift To Michelle Obama Is Not What You Think...

The First lady of the United States did not go the white house empty handed if we recall, the delectable wife of Donald Trump, Melania, came bearing gifts wrapped in a Tiffany's box which she gave to Michelle Obama, the wife of former President Barack Obama.

Several online news platform tried to guess the content of the box to no avail. While many guessed it could be chocolates, others just assumed that FLOTUS was giving Michelle some jewelry. Many even jokingly said that Melania was returning Michelle's stolen speech.

Well, as we have just found out, none of these assumptions and guesses was right. The box actually had a help note! Who would have thought that the new first lady was actually sending an SOS to the outgoing first lady who fell into her role smoothly.

There have been whispers that  is scared of her new role as First Lady, a role she did not ask for or plan for, hence the jokes that she might actually be shaking and crying inside.
About the "Help" note, well maybe its a joke, maybe not!

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