Friday, January 13, 2017

Mercy Johnson Gets A Public Apology From Tonto Dikeh Four Years After She Was Publicly Ridiculed.

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh might not have been bluffing when she told the world she had found Jesus and was now a changed person. Her sudden change of mind and public apology to Co actress Mercy Johnson opened our eyes to this truth. 

For those who did not know,  These two actresses are actually not best of friends and this was as a result of Tonto Dikeh's harsh and insulting words to Mercy when the latter had her first child Purity four years ago. 
Tonto Dikeh did not only insult Mercy for getting married,  she passed the insult on to Mercy's new born then. 
This act was the cause of rift between the two actresses. Although Mercy defended her family and herself with a smooth response to Tonto back then that it was her life and she loved it,  the damage had been done. 
This morning however,  Tonto Dikeh who is reportedly faced with a crashing marriage had a change of heart and publicly apologized to Mercy and her daughter who is now four years old. 
According to Tonto, now she knows better...
She also indirectly confirmed our fears when she made no effort to refute the rumours in her apology. She only said "she knew better"
Meanwhile, to err is human,  to forgive is indeed divine. We hope Mercy takes this olive branch and allow Tonto tell her about Jesus! 

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