Wednesday, January 25, 2017

See What AY Comedian Thinks Of Mercy Johnson And Her Husband

Comedian Ayo Makun AY has strolled hand in hand with mischief into the comment section of actress Mercy Johnson's Instagram page.

The actress posted a photo of herself with her husband laughing and having fun while the camera worked on only for the comedian to step into the comment section with a hilarious yet serious comment.

AY dropped a comment that opened the way for many commenters who were thinking in the same direction. He advised Mercy and her husband to take a break before another pregnancy sets in...well, not in so many words.
His exact words were "This one wey I don hear with the kids in school...make una two slow down o. I know how una body too dey hot. #takeabreak lol."
Many fans of the actress also continued with the same message advising the mother of three to take a break. in her usual fashion, the actress only saw the humor in the comments and laughed it off.

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