Saturday, January 28, 2017

Simple, Loving and Emotional... Simi's Birthday Message To Adekunle Gold Is Everything...

YBNL lover boy Adekunle Gold is a year older today and the good wishes and messages are already flowing in for the 'Sade' crooner. Of all these messages so far,  one stands out.

There are rumours and speculations that there is an intimate relationship between the singer and his female colleague Simi...
Hence, it is natural to take Simi's message and treat with proper attention. She made it very easy with a very simple yet totally engrossing message to the birthday boy.
Simi who is also notorious for posting and deleting has sworn that she would not delete this message an indication that she meant every word.
In her short but emotionally captivating message,  Simi describes Adekunle as an amazing person, according to her words, Adekunle's amazingness blows her away!
She hits the nail on the head with the words "nobody got you like I got you" now,  that is totally filled with hidden emotions and confessions.
Definitely the receiver of the message understands all the hidden notions even though we don't!
Happy Birthday Champ!  Well, Simi's champ.

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