Friday, January 20, 2017

The Design, The Designer And Mercy Aigbe... It Is Getting Nastier!

Two days ago Nollywood's sweetheart Mercy Aigbe Gentry gallantly pic mixed three cute photos and gallantly posted the result on her Instagram account. With the tiniest of captions "Ankara..."

For those who are conversant with The Star actress and fashion enthusiast on IG, we know she hardly does short captions like this.
She tags her MUA and secondly she gives credit to her store which she is often times repping.
This time however, there were no tags and the fact that the Ankara design looked good on her made that suspicious... "who are you wearing madam? "
To complicate matters, the actress was rocking two different designers, a shirt and a skirt. The designer of the skirt had to tag self in the comment section stylishly... "love the way you rocked your skirt Mercy... "
Little did we know there was an agreement between the shirt designer and the wearer. Apparently it was a case of "take this shirt for FREE but please gimme some credit when you rock it" to which the actress agreed according to our reliable source.
Only for MAG to rock, look good, post a captionless photo and walk away.
Is this a case of 'akuko gagara' well, you know the story of the big cockerel.
This nonchalant act caused the designer to call out Mercy who had gone back on her words.
According to the designer, she reached out to Mercy again, in case it was an oversight but the actress blatantly refused to give her the credit and refused to return the shirt.
"I don't run a charity" the designer cried stating she couldn't give her shirt for free to Mercy.
Mercy on her part gave a very different version of the Story and this is quite disturbing for this is one actress many look up to and follow her every step to her hair cut at times.
According to Mercy, the shirt was simply dropped at her office by Jumoke Otedola as a birthday gift with no reference to a designer who needs acknowledgement.
You would agree that these two tales are like parallel lines... Not remotely alike.
Who is fabricating tales here? And why? There is a screenshot of Mercy thanking the designer for the shirt! Only for her to deny knowing the designer.
As far as we are concerned, every labourer deserves reward for their labor. And if a tiny mention is the reward of this stylist for the shirt you rocked and looked good in, that should not have been a problem.
Except, this is indeed a case of 'akuko gagara' the big cockerel that hates the growth of the small ones...
If indeed, there was an agreement, even the holy book wants us to give honor to whom it is due.
Mercy's latest reaction

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