Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Rain Of Money In Nigeria Parties, Cool Or Not So Cool?

While this act might make the celebrants smile to the bank as they hurl their Ghana-must-go- bags to the bulk room, the act of literally raining money in the name of celebrating is a trend that should be talked about.

Several videos of obviously wealthy men and women throwing money around like paper on celebrants especially at wedding ceremonies are trending online.
In some cases,  it was useless trying to pack the money as spender was literally pouring the money on the couple.
There was another video that had folks walking around on currency notes like it was nothing.
A particular man had an assistant hold his briefcase while he took bundles of notes every now and then,  throwing them at the couple.
What exactly is the use of this act? Is it show off like some have put it,  or too much money with problem of how to spend it.
Amongst all the reasons some have given for this trend, the one that stands out is that people who throw money like this are the ones who did not work or sweat for it.
A VIDEO POSTED BY GOLDMYNETV (@GOLDMYNETV) ON The African society especially Nigeria believe so much in money rituals and when we see someone spending money extravagantly without care, we are quick to believe he or she is spending 'blood money'.
Others believe that only a drug dealer can spend as much as a ritualist. Thinking about it deeply,  we are forced to give it a though in those directions. Seriously you don't see a business man throwing money like snow. There is no way you would even see a banker stand up at a party talk more of spray money.

It's cool when you are on the receiving end, but sitting down and watching money like this scares some people and makes them think of blood. We think it's not so cool... If you must give,  give like literate and civilised people not like ritualists.

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