Monday, January 30, 2017

There Was A Time That The Chest Was Moderate And The Skin Was Dark...

This is what happens when celebrities decide to do an impromptu throw back on Sunday. We see what we should not have seen and think beyond ordinary levels.

Exactly what happened when our dear Nollywood actress decided to take us back in time last night to a time when everything was less bright.
Actress and singer Dayo Amusa shared a throw back photo of herself and her two friends and colleagues Iyabo Ojo and Liz Da Silva, it's funny how the only funny thing she saw in the picture were the penciled brows...
Oops, we saw more. Blame it on our over active eyesight.
We saw three pretty young, moderate chested and melanin skinned ladies. We almost didn't recognize them but for the helpful tags.
Smoothly, we took a stroll into their pages to remind ourselves of what they look like today, behold, the departure of the chocolate skin and the glory of bright fair beautiful skin!
Well, something else caught and held our attention, their moderate chests!  Not so moderate these days though!
Bravo... Thumbs up for the cool transformation.

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