Saturday, January 28, 2017

They Can't Pull Us Down... Singer Harrysong Celebrates Release From Detention

Alterplate label boss Harrysong has been released from detention following his sudden arrest by members of his former record label on charges of fraud, breach of contract and other issues.

Harry who is yet to make a formal statement to address the matter is back to his house and popping champagne in celebration with friends.
The Five Star Music Label on their part released a statement addressing why it was important to have Harrysong arrested.
According to the statement released by this group, singer Harrysong is notorious for dumping his label without fulfilling his obligations and staying true to his contract.
It was sited that the same thing happened when Harry was with the Question mark label. He allegedly also dumped the record label for Five star where he was accepted with scepticism after much deliberation and thought.
Meanwhile, Harrysong has maintained that they can only try but cannot pull him down. He appreciated his fans for the love shown while he was away in detention.

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