Thursday, January 19, 2017

Three false Celebrity news that got us this month...

Some celebrities decided to play April Fool for their loyal fans in the month of January without a thought or pity for news hungry bloggers who would jump at the false stories.
Three celebrities got away with this expensive joke early this month and we are watching them closely now with caution.
Koffi acquires a petrol station: That was one news that flew around as soon as it dropped. The Comedian posed outside a new petrol station which he was most likely compering it's launch and hinted dangerously that he just acquired it.

Trust Nigerians, the news was everywhere in a matter of minutes. With different captions and headline plus a picture of the naughty comedian smiling sheepishly on the green carpet of the station.
Only for him to debunk the news that it was false! Wait, who does that?

Adeniyi Johnson engages sweetheart Seyi Edun at last! Very funny. What were they thinking? How could they be that heartless to drop such explosive joke! The Phoenix of the two actors was a trending one for several days as many online platforms jumped on the story and published with glee!
Only to realize later that they were playing a role. Too bad. Who jokes with matters of the Heart really?

Basket mouth gets knighted by the Queen of England: Except this Queen was not a queen but one old white haired woman in England!
But to be sincere, this comedian got us. He mercilessly threw the bait and it got us, luckily for some of us we were spared the embarrassment of posting the news due to some hiccups, not knowing we were being saved.
Little did we know that Basket mouth was just being his naughty self in a very expensive and cute way we must say! But wait, Sir Bright Okpocha? This guy can dream!
The next time you see what looks like a beautiful and hot story, please chill and remember that all that glitters is not gold.

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