Sunday, January 29, 2017

Three things Adekunle Gold's last birthday revealed to us!

YBNL lover boy Adekunle Gold  was a year older on January 27th and it was a shock to see the singer flood all timelines from daybreak to sunset.

It is quite normal for artistes to wish each other 'happy Birthday' with pictures and words on their pages, what we did not expect was the extent to which Adekunle Gold was celebrated by all and sundry in the entertainment industry and even beyond.

Not only did the new generation entertainers serenade him with words, the old also paid him homage too.

This did not go unnoticed, just as no good deed goes unnoticed around here.
Meanwhile, the artiste's birthday revealed three things to us... Every observant person will know how true these things are.

1. Adekunle Gold is loved by all: There should be no doubt left in our minds that this is one singer that has been accepted by all and loved too. We can't say if his lyrics did the trick or his style or his looks, but after seeing his face everywhere on Friday, we can boldly say that, this is one musician that has a place in every one's heart.

2. Adekunle Gold has a humble spirit: From all indications, this is another Tubaba! How did we come about this conclusion?  Simple. Every one had something good and nice to say about him. His humble spirit rang in almost all the posts and we were forced to take a closer look at the young man who is indeed the epitome of humility.

3. Simi and Adekunle Gold are soulmates: This is not even open for argument except youissed Simi's post for Gold's birthday. She wrote: "Nobody's got you like I got you" which can be interpreted into simple English as: "Nobody lives you like I do". See?

These three things were revealed to us on Friday... You probably saw more, but we are good with these.  *winks


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