Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tonto Dikeh Got Fed Up With The Yummy Wife Life, Pushed Husband To Infidelity: New Reports Claim

There are reports that Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh was indeed the architect of her own marriage troubles owning to the fact that the sweetheart of many nollywood lovers got tired of her yummy wife life and sharply returned to her ways before marriage.

Many sources have claimed that the mother of one did not only return to drinking without control,  but also began smoking to the chagrin of her husband Churchill and even fed their son some achohol via breast milk.
This is quite a shock and still very hard to believe due to the fact that the actress did not portray herself in this manner to the public.
As a matter of fact, she told the world she had met Christ and would gladly lead many to him. Could this be a charade?
If so, is it true that the actress got tired of her life in a less than a year pushing her husband to infidelity amongst other vices?
This leads to the general and burning question of 'why did I get married? ' Co incidentally the title of a movie. If the novelty of married life wears off faster than it rubs in,  is it worth the stress of making us publicise your marriage only to have u say scream about the failure again?
Like some have rightly said, marriage is not a do or die!  Some have stayed clear not because they got no proposals,  it should not shock you that Bimbo Akintola and Funmi Iyanda probably have more men kneeling on one knee than most of the married ones put together,  but they have gladly chosen their path.
This, is much more better than bonding and unbonding like expired glue.
It is sad that the married society have probably lost another marriage but maybe the Nollywood community has gained back it's sweetheart Tonto Dikeh.

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