Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Twice Odunlade Adekola Proves Haters Wrong As He Acts In Two Major English Movies.

Actor Odunlade Adekola is undoubtedly the biggest Nollywood actor in the Yoruba sector of the industry right now.
The actor who took the screen by force with his brilliant acting skills, height, looks and charm has bothered to rule the screen and heart of many fans and even some of his colleagues.

Industry sources have confirmed that some of his male counterparts would swear to the heavens that Odunlade jazzed them out of the industry and took over.

One actor we won't name was quoted saying that one thing will push him out of the industry when the time comes.

According to our source, many believed that Odunlade's inability to speak English as fluently as some of his colleagues would push him out.

The charming actor who is happily married with kids is not an RMD or a Ramsey Noah when it comes to speaking English,  but he is as good as any actor when it comes to depicting roles. Also his humour is one of a kind.

Surprisingly,  instead of these supposed inability to stop Mr. Adekola,  it has only pushed him further into limelight.

The actor has been started into major Nollywood blockbusters as a cross over actor. The Grudge, a movie starring the actor has already been premiered while A Million Baby is still in the works.

This is a feat that even the actors who twist their lips and tongue on the set of Yoruba movies have not achieved.
Well,  I can't remember seeing Ibrahim Chatta outside the Yoruba genre and this is one actor who would love to compete with Denzel Washington as far as English Language is concerned.

We might like to call it grace,  it could be,  but one more thing is involved. Odunlade Adekola is the hottest right now and producers are taking advantage of that fact and grabbing him while they can.

Don't be shocked if he ends up in Hollywood doing what he knows how to do and talking just the way he knows how to talk. Seriously,  we see that happen.

Everyone wants a bit of Odunlade Adekola and we don't blame them.

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