Sunday, January 22, 2017

Two Celebs That Are Happily Over 40, Unmarried And Loving It...

In the era where being married and staying married has become an almost impossible goal, it is not a misnomer to recognize and appreciate celebrities who have remained in the single ladies lane and happily holding the fort without scandal.

One actress that has not ceased to amaze me with her decision of staying single is the delectable Bimbo Akintola. An actress per excellence. This is one actress who is not just matured on screen but her maturity can be seen in the way she handles her life and carries herself.

Several years ago,  when Bimbo Akintola made the confession that marriage was not for everyone she was castigated and deemed unfit to remain an African. She was almost sent on exile for saying marriage was not by force.

Today,  Akintola is still ring-less, scandalless and free of the burden of bonding and unbonding via marriage.
Without doubt,  many definitely envy the actress today and wished they had followed her path.

Funmi Iyanda almost got her head chopped off days ago when she reminded us that she's 45 and happily sticking to her decision of staying single.
Looking at the rate of divorce today however, we think Funmi needs a hug and not a curse for choosing the path that best suits her rather than add to the alarming statistics.

Note that these two women are not even do young anymore,  already in their forties.
Trust me,  if they married tomorrow, it would be a conscious decision taken after thorough thoughts.
This kind of marriage would definitely last.

Moral: don't do it because others are doing it!

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