Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Viral Wizkid Tweet Not From Wizkid's Account, An Impersonator At Work.

A tweet allegedly from the twitter account of Starboy Ayo Balogun aka Wizkid is travelling faster than wild fire on the social media.

The tweet in support of the proposed protest by Tuface and endorsed by many celebrities refers to the state of Nigerians as a state of mental degeneration, stating that this is the only country where a poor man resists help.
Such tweet coming from a celeb would naturally go viral in a matter of minutes, and it did except that the tweet did not come from Wizkid's twitter handle but from an impersonator.
Wondering about the tweet, we dug deeper and found this out... Wizkid's account has a verified page of over 2million followers while the account where the tweet was sent out has a paltry followership of 470!
Apparently, an impersonator tweeted this, but the hash tags pushed the post and made it viral.
See the difference between the profiles: Wizkid's real profile is: @wizkidayo while the impersonator has his as @wizikidayo almost no difference, same profile photo and banner!

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