Monday, January 30, 2017

Watch Shocking 'Sexual' Performance Of Comedian Akpororo With A Unilag Student On Stage.

Gospel singer cum comedian Akpororo did not only cause ripples of laughter at a Unilag show last Tuesday in Lagos, the father of one also brought his bedroom skills to the stage using a young Unilag undergraduate as subject.
The Edutainment fiesta which had a large crowd of Unilag students had the audience screaming at the display by Akpororo. Akpororo who was on stage as a comedian invited the young lady on stage and instructed the DJ to play a Dbanj track to show the difference between a Nigerian singer and a white singer.
The young lady invited on stage did not know what awaited her as the comedian who is also a fantastic singer held her in a sexually suggestive manner and even made sexual moves with his body hitting hard against her body. Akpororo did not stop there as seen in this video but also bent the lady forward and continued his sexual moves.
According to Akpororo, a white entertainer could Romance a lady during a performance without turning it to a sexual performance unlike a Nigerian who would use the opportunity to his advantage.
It however went beyond comedy: as expected in a crowd of young men and women with wild imaginations, there were more screams than laughter in the audience. The sexually suggestive moves left very little to the imagination leaving the lady embarrassed and the audience hyper active.
No doubt, our comedians will do anything to make their audience laugh, now we can't help but think if this act on stage was not a bit over the board, considering there is a Mrs. Akpororo who has a stake here.
Watch the video and see the Akpororo you have never seen...


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