Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What If Flavour Never Marries Sandra, What Happens To Her 'Chinedum' Tattoo?

Sandra Okagbue really needs no introduction, but for those who are still creasing their brows in confusion,  Sandra is an ex beauty queen and she is also Flavour N'abania's first baby mama.

The Ex Delta soap queen is the mother of Flavour's first daughter.  Meanwhile,  Flavour has happily soared more wild oats after the birth of his first child resulting in another featuring another beauty queen and another sweet baby.

These makes two women and two babies, the Singer has however failed to propose to either of the women.

While Anna Banner,  his second baby mama has moved on like she claimed, Sandra is strongly holding on to her faith no matter how tiny.

Let's zoom into that lovely tattoo on her inner arm 'Chinedum' meaning 'my Chinedu'.

Is there something we don't know?  Why is Sandra so sure despite Flavour's revelation that he is not ready for marriage.
Bet many do not know that Flavour's name is actually Chinedu! Well he is...and Sandra has the mark on her body telling every other woman to stay off.

Now what if Flavour ends up marrying another girl?  Let's say,  erm,  Chidinma?  Would Sandra look for another Chinedu? That tattoo is perfectly permanent!

Wow!  Things we do for love!

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