Thursday, January 19, 2017

Which actor surprised you pleasantly in the Wedding Party movie?

Once every year, we get movies that become a chant in the mouth of Nigerians for a long time, right now, that movie is The Wedding Party.

The movie which has a full team of excellent role interpreters is not just the highest grossing movie as we speak but also the most anticipated, the most talked about and the most loved.

Everyone who saw the movie could not stop laughing asking about it.

While some talk continuously about the roles of some actors, some can't stop talking about the strength of humour in the movie.
For everyone that saw the movie, there is something to eat all about. In fact, some have seen the movie more than once and I asked them: was once not enough?
Apparently, once was not enough, something kept calling them.

Some of the characters in the movie were just so hot, so funny and so real.
There were the groomsmen of course, a collage (yes collage) of some hot men were on set as the friends of the groom.
Then we had the parents of the bride, my favorite couple.
There was the beautiful bride. The hot ex girlfriend, the groom and a whole lot of interesting cast.
If I decided to go see the movie one more time, I'm sure it's because of one of the groomsmen! Well, that's being honest.

Why would you see Wedding Party again? Who was your favorite actor in the movie?
All in all, the movie can be successfully rated as a good movie and not a rotten tomato. Albeit, a very humorous good movie.

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