Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Why Actress Anita Joseph Advised Ladies To Cheat In Their Relationships.

This is definitely the month of news for actress Anita Joseph,  who has found one way or another to remain in the news.
The actress shocked many last night again in an instagram post where she advised ladies to not 'put all their eggs in one basket'.

As far as Anita is concerned, putting all your eggs in one basket is like courting disaster; what happens when you loose all the eggs at once.
The idiom simply advises ladies to be wise in their relationships and not give their hearts to one man... If a door closes, you go into the other one, she said.
According to Anita, who also threatened to block anyone with negative comments, a man will cheat and leave you but when you are ready with a second or third option it is easy to move on.
While many have reasoned with the actress and taken her advise seriously, others think the actress is encouraging cheating in relationships.
As a role model and public figure, words from celebrities are often taken quite seriously by those who look up to them... Considering what Anita is preaching, is her reason a good enough reason for cheating?
For ladies who have all their eggs in one basket, are you already thinking of getting some more baskets?  For Anita has spoken!

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