Friday, January 13, 2017

Why Tonto Dikeh Should Fight For Her Marriage And Not Join The Trend

The reports of Tonto Dikeh's marriage crisis became a viral news yesterday after top gossip blogger SDK broke the news drawing the attention of the public and media to the issue which had obviously gone out of hands.

Tonto Dikeh and her husband Oladunni Churchill got married traditionally on the 29th of August 2015 many months after Tonto Dikeh introduced him to the world as MR. X.

The marriage calmed Tonto Dikeh down considerably as her somewhat outgoing and talkative social media nuance reduced drastically. The talented actress even took a break off the screen as she was already pregnant when she said 'I do' to Churchill.

While Tonto calmed down in several other areas, she became loud in the area of publicizing her husband's love and wealth. Tonto Dikeh did not hide her excitement and joy every time her husband gifted her with a new car, a new phone or a new watch.

The actress was the first to launch the expensive iPhone 7 as soon as it was introduced to the Nigeria market. She gladly shared the news with her followers and the world as her husband got her the phone.

The only area of her life that she successfully kept away from the world was her son's face. All we know is that Tonto and Oladunni have a son named King. We have seen his profile many times but never his face.
Then this happened.

What is surprising and quiet disturbing is that despite the obvious display of love, family camaraderie and affection, Tonto was fast to change her status as a 'yummy wife' and 'mum', well she did not replace it yet...but the fact that she removed a title she was so proud of is sad.

Not only that, her profile went from Tonto Dikeh Churchill to Tonto-C-Dikeh and we have it on strong authority that the C in her name is just her middle name and does not necessarily stands for Churchill.

Apparently, this crisis started long before we heard of it, and like many others, infidelity is the major cause of this crisis.
Fans and lovers of Tonto Dikeh are asking questions that probably haven't reached Tonto Dikeh yet. Many want to know if Tonto Dikeh  has given up on her marriage and why she was quick to change her status.

Many want to know why this strong and confident actress cannot fight for her Big King, the love of her life, the one who really changed her life!
Tonto Dikeh's fans want to know why she wants to join the bandwagon of failed marriages. Finally we want to know if there is hope for this home.

Tonto Dikeh recently informed the world that she has met with Christ and is now a changed person, her most move of peace towards Mercy Johnson proved this fact. We really do hope and pray she can salvage her marriage.

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