Sunday, January 29, 2017

Why we think GT the guitar man has dumped music for a new life!

GT the guitar man and the likes of Banky W at a time struggled to clinch the title of best male vocalist in Nigeria Music Industry.
Many times he was nominated at the Headies award in the category of best male vocalist.

 He was that good. Not only was GT a vocal master,  he was also a lyrical guru with several hit songs like Dreamer,  Ejika, Truly and more to his credit.
Surprisingly it's been ages we heard from our favorite guitar man. His love songs made our days back then.

The young and talented artiste got married to his heartthrob over a year ago and vanished from our radios and TV sets.

Dear GT, your fans want to know if you are coming back and when you are... From all indications the singer is through with his honeymoon and even has a beautiful daughter to show for it...

Except of course the guitarist has ditched music for something we don't know of.
Yet we must say that he seems to be enjoying a quiet life with his lovely family. If that is the case,  we can only wish him well.

GT the guitar man and his family

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