Monday, February 6, 2017

Abuja Lady Kidnapped With Friends On Her Birthday Has Been Released!

The news of Veronica Otogo and Abuja based young lady, kidnapped on her 24th birthday along with her friends Bisola Mohammed and Damilola Oribuyaku while running errands for the birthday celebration hit the media last week and Nigerians did not hold their peace.

It took days before anything was heard about their abduction at all, and when the news came, it was a demand of about 150million from their suspected abductors.
The good news is: the trio are back home, hale, hearty and in good condition.
Details of the release and the amount of ransom paid(if a ransom was paid)  to secure their release was not disclosed,  but this is one news that Nigerians are indeed grateful for.

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