Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Actress Adunni Ade stylishly sends a message to Nestle Milo

Beautiful Nollywood actress is ready and waiting for a new ambassadorial deal, this time not just for herself but for her two cute sons.

The mother of two obviously feels it was high time she put her beauty and her children's loveliness into more use than acting and Instagram pictures.

In a post on Instagram this morning, Adunni Ade shared a photo of herself and her boys having breakfast and she conspicuously displayed a tin of Nestle Milo, a loaf of bread and some other goodies on the dining table.

 Her boys posed with their tea mugs and smiled into the camera for a shot.
The proud mother revealed her ambition with a caption that would definitely have Milo thinking of signing her on for a deal "I start up the day with a healthy breakfast for me and mines" she wrote with the hash tags: #mumsarethebest and #Milo... well, her Milo had a double 'L', most likely a mistake.

Hopefully Nestle Milo will get the brief and sign our dear diva on soon.

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