Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Aisha Abimbola, one of Nigeria's finest actress who is underrated

Aisha Abimbola is a nollywood actress who has featured in countless Yoruba Nollywood movies.
Most of her fans still remember her for the role she played in one of her blockbusters 'Omoge Campus'.

Yours truly stumbled on a Nollywood movie recently, a movie which featured the actress Aisha.
Her role interpretation is almost second to none.
Her role as the mother to a school girl in that movie portrayed the average Nigerian mother.

While, the movie might not be of great importance in this article, several other movies came to mind and Aisha Abimbola's smoothness as an actress came to mind.

We could not help but wonder why this talented lady has not built a brand for herself like some of her colleagues in the industry have done.

Is Aisha an old generation actress like the likes of Lanre Hassan(Iya Awero)  Iya Rainbow, or Madam Saje?

Has she been pushed aside by the likes of Mercy Aigbe, Toyin Abraham and the rest?
Believe it or not, many of these new generation stars do not have her dexterity or finesse as far as role interpretation and understanding are concerned.

Is it her fault that she has just 39thousand followers on Instagram while some have 2million?

Clearly speaking, Aishat Abimbola is one underrated Nollywood actress who needs to push herself out hiding and shine like her talent shines!


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Toluwabori Alabi said...

Thank you for this Labos...you said my mind. I love this lady mehn!. Very brilliant actress.

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