Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Being A Single Mother Is Better Than Abortions : AliBaba Advocates For Baby Mamas...

Veteran comedian Ali Baba has aired his views on the alarming rate of baby mamas and single mothers in the society using a matured and feminist approach to address the issue.

Sharing a disturbing video of an aborted fetus, the comedian commented that the only reason why many ladies feel they can bad mouth single mothers is because they have tampered with the pregnancies that would have put them in the same situation.

He asserted further that men who keep claiming they can never Marry a single mother have most likely put a female in that situation already or in most situations have made several ladies commit series of abortions.

Ali Baba also mentioned that while he is not trying to justify the wrong, he is being prompted to air his views on the matter because he is involved and also to address the hypocrisy of many.

"It is only a thief caught that can be called 'thief'" the comedian added, pointing out that those who look like saints might not even be saints.

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