Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Citizens cry out as deadly substance take over the skies of Port harcourt.

If these new reports are anything to go by, then the Ministries of health and Environment need to work fast and put an end to the reported back soot situation in Port Harcourt.
According to the poster the disturbing issue had prevailed in the city for months leaving the people of PH in fear. from her explanation and the video posted on Instagram, the air is unsafe for the people to breathe as a soot-like substance has taken over the sky.

Not only is the sky dark with soot, the black substance can be seen dropping on surfaces, making all surface dark with soot. If this substance can drop on surfaces, then it is obvious that the people are breathing in soot.

The poster shared a photo of her child sleeping beneath a net, she wiped the net with a white tissue and got a black tissue.
Sources who claimed anonymity revealed that the problem can be traced to Akpajo and is caused by petrochemicals.

This is calling on the relevant bodies to look into the disturbing issue before it escalates into something dangerous and deadly.

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