Thursday, February 2, 2017

Cursed Or What? Seun Egbegbe Caught Stealing Again! Photos And Videos.

It is still a shock to many who have heard of this Seun Egbegbe news. Not a pleasant news we must say, but the wrong news all over. Worse than the first time! 
Many have been forced to conclude that the guy is cursed or more likely used to the act of stealing. 
For how else can we explain being caught in the act again barely two weeks to appearing in court for the same crimes or robbery?

According to these confirmed reports, the 'film maker' this time tried to make away with about 30million Naira in dollars actually and was caught. 
Apparently Seun Egbegbe went away to restrategize but it failed him again. 
If he isn't tired of this show of shame, it is obvious that we are getting tired, leSt it is called a vendetta again. 

How will he explain this? 
The first time (which according to many was not even a first time) was a mistake, let's hear him explain this time as an error or a curse or what? 
We are waiting for his explanation and excuse.


Seun Egbegbe tried to dupe BDC mallam $60,000 (N30million)! as confirmed by Police PRO

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Today at about 1300hrs one Seun Karim aka egbegbe and one Ayo oyekan disguise as the MD of Gbagada general hospital and the other as a patient, lured one Alhaji Isa Adamu and Abdullahi Haruna both bureau de change members, from different locations that they needed 9000dollars and 3000pounds.

The unsuspecting victims brought same to the suspects at the hospital, they collected the said amount and attempted to escape with money.

The victims raised alarm and consequently the suspects were arrested by the policemen attached to the hospital.


Further to the arrest of the fraudsters many members of bureau de change are trooping in to the office with similar complaint against the suspects , case is under investigation at Area H headquarters Ogudu...From PPRO

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