Friday, February 3, 2017

Echoes From The Past: That Heartbreak I Told You About (conclusion)

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Fast forward to that January 2009... Like I told you earlier,  that night was magical,  but it was the last.
For weeks we Continued our LongDistanceRelationship, talking every morning and night.

Until something happened

He left me a month later. Guess how he did it. He just ignored me.
Stopped calling,  wouldn't answer my calls, no text messages. Silence. I withered. I cried.
I stopped trying on March 21 2009. It was over.

I graduated.
I passed even.

However,  for 18 months I thought of him, every night,  every day, I dreamt of him, I waited for him.
Until one day, one Friday evening in September 2010. I was pounding yam when the call came in. It was his number. I dropped the pestle. I flew away to talk to him...

He wanted to See Me. It was Friday September 10 2010.

I left my mum with the work, flew up the stairs, washed my face, changed my clothes and went to see him.
It was late when I got there. 8:30pm

I saw him...
My love.
The one I had been waiting for,  for eighteen months.

He was the same.

We talked. He told me why he left. What happened. Why he couldn't reach me. I listened.
He should have called.
He should have talked to me eighteen months ago.
I would have understood.
I was sensible.

Then he broke the news.

"I'm getting married next week"
My heart did a somersault, he was getting married!  I looked around and saw signs.
He stood up and gave me an album,    blindly I opened,  they were pictures from his introduction ceremony. I flipped the pages with blurry eyes.

It was over.

I rose to leave and he rose with me. He held me, got on his knees and begged.
I began to cry.
I could not hold the tears.
I loved him so much.

"Forgive me Bose" he kept saying
"I love you still... " he said and I wept.

It was already Very late and I still had a long way to go. I hugged him, wished him well and left. It was almost 10.30pm. I trekked for an hour before I got a bike.

I walked into the house,  my mum was waiting. She switched on the lights and held her peace. I was home was all that mattered at that moment. She knew I was greatly upset.

I went into my room and thought of all those months... Over.

I met another. A month before. Yes before...
And it was another heartbreak. Worse than the first, dealt by a master in the game. This, I will never tell.


P. S
For those who often call to ask me if these stories are true and if they indeed happened to me, lemme quickly say this here and now: I may hide some facts for reasons known to me but these are stories from my past. All real, all true, all mine.

New Echoes Next Week!
See you... 😘


Mercy said...

Hmmmm....can relate with this. Thank God we don't look like wat we v been tru

Funmilola Abiola said...

I always enjoy these echoes

Well done

Bose Bamidele said...

Thanks babe... ��

Bose Bamidele said...

You can say that again dear... We don't

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