Sunday, February 26, 2017

Echoes From The Past : Thirteen Valentines Ago! (February 2004)

It was 2004 February 12 and weeks before a new handsome guy strolled into my life!
His name was Yemi (not Yomi...) and he was super cute, a student of LASU.

The most interesting thing about him back then was the fact that he was an undergraduate and oh, his super cute lips. I have always been a sucker for cute lips and teeth by the way.

So, I met Yemi whose surname I do not know, nor do I know where he is today but I still have a photo from 2004.

We met some days to Valentine's Day and the super cute guy made arrangements to take us out on Valentine's day. Us, yes Us. It happened that back then, you don't just go out with a guy without an escort.

My escort was my one and only girlfriend Toyosi. Although Toyosi and I fought briefly about whom Yemi really liked, he solved it for us by talking to me more and calling my much bigger friend 'Aunty Toyosi' bad boy!

So the day was fixed, but the devil had other plans.

I was working as I had finished secondary school some years earlier. I visited my wonderful 'hairdresser'  Iya Dami, bought some brown colored Yaki weave on which I fixed into a becoming style on February 11, in preparation for Val.

Toyosi had also made her hair and it was survival of the finest!
I had just bought a sky blue jean Two months before 'December' and a cream colored lace top that cost me 2600 altogether.

Believe me 2600 back then in December 2003 was more than half my salary so it was the good Stuff. The trouser was called palazzo!

I knew I was ready for Valentine's day.
On February 12, I left work at about 6pm and walked home. Home was not so far from work.
On getting home, I found out my mom had taken ill.
I was surprised since she was fine before I left in the morning.

We were just four at home. My elder brothers were in school while my dad was still in Abuja.
It was just myself, my mom, Ruth and Tope!

That night an uncle came to deliver a message from my dad and just as he left,  something happened. My mom left the sitting room, complained that her head ached and she needed to sleep. So she went into her room.

Ruth and I went with her and sat by her as she arranged herself for bed.
Few minutes later, she got up to ease herself, and since her bathroom was just in her room we did not bother to rise with her.

It happened in the twinkle of an eye. She had just closed the bathroom door, and was coming to her bed when she fell down right before our eyes.

We dashed to her side and crouched by her, "Iya Niyi, Iya Niyi " we began to scream. Ruth and I. Tope was just a young boy who understood little.

All hell broke loose when our mom did not respond despite our loud screams. We downed a bucket of water on her and she did not even move a limb.

I dashed madly out of the house to call neighbors. In a few minute, the whole street was in my mother's room and a particular matron who was my mother's friend declared her dead after several attempts to revive her.
She was lifted off the floor to her Bed and covered up. Her eyes were opened and her teeth bared. It was scary!

Dead? My mommy? How? She was fine this morning... Ruth began to pray and speak in tongues, I didn't even bother to speak in lips... I didn't wait, I ran out of the house, ask me where I was going, nowhere in particular, I just continued running and as I ran, I pulled at my brown colored Yaki flip that iya Dami had meticulously fixed for me a day before.

I thought of Yemi briefly and how he would cry if he heard I lost my mom. I could not take it any more.
I threw myself to the floor and began to wail... "who would be like Iya Niyi  to me now? "
I deliberately messed up my hair in the mud as I wailed.

Then some friends who werr also my colleagues passed by and saw me, I told them my mother was dead and I wanted to die too.
They lifted me up and took me home, ready to mourn with me.

They were sending people out of my mom's room then. Ruth was still praying and some people were crying and talking about how cruel death was...

Just them Iya Niyi sneezed!

The greatest miracle I ever witnessed....
Naturally she told us the story of how she was going on a path and her dead father sent her back!
Ko kan aye... 😁

God did it!

About my date with Yemi, well, I washed my hair...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚



bee said...

I can imagine how traumatized you all were.but seriously we need to train people on first response.d Nigerian way of screaming and running helterskelter is of no help to people.thank God she came back but many have gone on needlessly due to inappropriate responses.nollywood needs to start showingthe right way to respond to emergencies.Nd also start an awareness campaign on that.we will chat about that on camera.
Ona lighter note,U b big babe that time fa 2600 na big money then.lool.

Unknown said...

U for run enter room. Our pple and running around. Lol

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