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Emotions Go Crazy Between Adesua Etomi And Stanley Ewelikwe In 'Autumn Leaves' (A Review)

Autumn Leaves (2016)
The Movie.
A movie produced by Chidi Dominic and Directed by Ikechukwu Onyeka aptly weaves the story of love and emotion around two superstars Cindy (Adesua Etomi)  and Simon (Stanley Ewelikwe).

However, this love is unlike the kind of love we are used to as both music stars have warped notions of relationship, hence they try as much as possible to distant themselves from the opposite sex.

Before long, the media begins to snoop around, looking for facts to back up their claims that the two artistes are homosexuals.

Daniel, Simon's devoted manager can not afford to watch his artiste get ruined by the tabloids and he tries to match make the singer with suitable girls with the help of his own girlfriend Nneka (Beverly Osu). Their efforts fails, as Simon keeps insulting the girls.

Bode (Melvin Oduah)  who is Cindy's manager hooks up with Daniel and together, they plan to bring both their charges together, killing two birds with one stone. killing the press and making some money.

It starts roughly, metamorphoses into great tension and climaxes into a challenge that ends in love!

The movie which lasted for exactly 1hour 12minutes has the following features...

The Plot.
The plot of the movie Autumn Leaves has a typical Mills and Boons plot: Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl fight then boy and girl reconcile.

Autumn Leaves opens with superstar Cindy serenading about love on the mic, the music was used as the opening montage for the movie before the scene moves swiftly into Cindy's weeping scene where her mother Eucharia Anunobi) was consoling her and telling her that there are good men.

Cindy cries that her heart was breaking and her mom asked if she truly loves the 'Simon' guy. Cindy responds that she is indeed in love with Simon but was afraid he would turn out to be like her dad who was an abusive husband.

The audience is later introduced to Simon (Stanley Ewelikwe) a superstar who does not have any feelings for women and treats them like trash. He has a warped notion about women and thus decides to remain single.

Simon's hatred for women is portrayed strongly in his treatment of Nneka a back up singer. It is also depicted in his treatment of Nneka's friend at the club.

The theme of the movie Autumn Leaves is basically Love. Love lost, love found, love misused,  love misinterpreted and so on, all love.
It is quite difficult to discern what the movie is preaching directly. However,  we know it aptly portrays the fact that love can happen to anyone.

Cindy: A role well interpreted by Adesua Etomi, Cindy is a girl whose fear of the unknown held her down and hindered her from loving. Adesua Etomi played the role quite convincingly, befriending only one man: her manager.

Simon: Played by Stanley Ewelikwe is a real anti-woman in the movie. We almost found ourselves asking if he wasn't actually gay as the media called him. He was fixated on his career and nothing else mattered.

Bode: Played by Melvin Oduah is the typical friend-manager in Autumn leaves. He played the role well, so well that men with difficult female friends would relate with him and slap their thighs in understanding. He was a manager who wanted to make money and also wanted the best for his boss.

Daniel: A typical artiste manager. Wants the best for his boss and for himself.

Deji: Zuby Michael:This is one journalist who is all about airing celebrities' dirty laundry outside. He was so sure the two singers were homosexuals even without facts to prove his speculations.
Other characters are Eucharia Anunobi, Cindy's mother,  Beverly Osu (Nneka) also Daniel's girlfriend.

Cindy and Simon's rapport in the music booth was natural, smooth and totally hilarious. Their brief camaraderie in that booth hinted at a prospective relationship and loving future even though they did not know it.

Deji the journalist is one character whose attitude in the movie towards celebrities is kind of deep and questions the real motive of journalists who run after hot stories not minding how it affects the said celeb.

He was so bent of painting them and serving them to the public as homosexuals so much that the idea of them not being what he wanted them to be angered him.
Well, journalists are not monsters, news is news. What a journalist wants is news and one hot news is as good as the next.

A journalist would actually jump at the story of Simon and Cindy dating if his first instincts turned out to be wrong. In Deji's case however,  he was furious like he had a personal score to settle with them.

Another area of confusion in the movie was the first dialogue scene versus what the story later tells us.

The first scene introduces a Cindy who was moping over Simon, a guy she loves "so much" only for them to not being on speaking terms...

There was never a relationship between them prior to the match make by their individual managers.

It got confusing at that point and the audience was forced to go back to the beginning checking if he/she heard correctly.

There seemed to be a confusion at the plotting stage, that scene would have fitted perfectly into the movie after Simon slapped Cindy, making Cindy cry to her mom about abusive men and her hatred for them while also giving away the fact that she actually was in love with 'this Simon'.

The character of Simon is also questionable: from experience and proven facts, men who have no feelings for women tend up using them with no feelings involved.

 A typical straight male with the status and charisma of Stanley would have a retinue of ladies.
He would gladly sleep with any lady who throws herself at him then spit afterwards. In Stanley's case, he was an anti-woman!

Always on his phone... A phone most likely without female contacts! We can't help but wonder if this is realistic. Well, maybe it is...

Asides these, the movie was a smooth one with no unnecessary replays, the technical aspect of the movie should be given a thumbs up. Shots were taken from proper angles and lighting was good.

The Director of the movie did a good job, actors were portrayed quite interestingly with straight dialogues and minimal or no errors!

For a movie of 70minutes, the movie went smoothly and was able to meet target.

Love happens.
A good movie that has been able to preach ONE salient message: Love can happen to anybody regardless of status or stature!


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