Sunday, February 26, 2017

Eric Arubayi's Widow Shuts Down Instagram Page After Husband's Burial

The grieving widow of gospel singer Eric Arubayi, Chinonso who returned to the social media two weeks after the death of her beloved husband has shut off her instagram account from well wishers and trolls being unable to take the tributes flowing endlessly on her timeline.
Chinonso whose husband was buried finally on Saturday acknowledged all the good wishes and tributes with an emotional post on Friday saying that her husband was not dead.
A post that brought about more tributes and more condolences forcing the grieving young lady to put her account under lock and key despite the fact that she also uses the page for her make up business.
Chinonso got married to Eric in December 2013 months after her NYSC program abscess a cute little son Jayden before Eric Arubayi's sad demise.
Eric was laid to rest in Delta state on Saturday February 25th.

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