Friday, February 3, 2017

Finally Singer 9ice Gets A Long Deserved Ambassadorial Deal.

The year started on a quite rough note for singer Adigun Abolore Alapomeji popularly known as 9ice when the singer lost his blooming Instagram account to hackers on his birthday.
However, things have picked up for the Gongo Aso crooner who just hitched an ambassadorial deal.

Mr. 9ice as he is called hitched a multi million Naira ambassadorial deal with Smart a smart ride company.

The smart ride promises it's customers to have them picked up on Valentine's Day by their favorite celebrity aka 9ice.
This is indeed a big one for 9ice who has worked very hard in the past and now with no deal to show for it.

We sincerely hope that this paves way for more big deals for the Gongo Aso crooner.
As for the singer, he couldn't hide his excitement and pride as he announced the deal to his followers.


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