Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Good Samaritan, Korede Bello Saves Man From Police Harassment.

A certain Nigerian man has screamed via Instagram that police is 'not your friend' in negation of the popular mantra of the Nigeria police, after a harrowing experience with the men of the police force last night. 

In his short narration which came in a form of appreciation to Mavin superstar Korede Bello who was his angel last night, the young man recounted how some men in civilian clothes stopped him on the highway and began to harass him for no reason. 
According to the supposed victim, he was accosted by the heavily armed men who looked more like armed robbery than police men at about 9:30pm.
He recalled how they tried to take him away in their hilux van but he refused to go with them only to see a passerby stop and intervene. 
Luckily for him, the passerby turned out to be mega super star Korede Bello who saved him from the situation that lasted for several hours. 
According to the poster,  Korede stayed with him to sort the issue which was eventually resolved about 1am!
He added that Korede who incidentally is a police ambassador is worthy of the position and commented rather harshly that "Police is not your friend".
We must comment that this is truly a Samaritan act displayed by the superstar singer. 

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