Thursday, February 2, 2017

Harrysong Returns To Five Star Music After A Night In Detention?

Singer Harrysong seems to have returned to Five star Music label or at least called a truce with the group if his last post is anything to go by. 

The singer who left the record label to float his own personal music label alter plate has been at war with the management of the record label on different issues. 
Five star Music got the singer arrested on charges of fraud and breach of contract last weekend, and had him rearrested a day ago on new charges of forgery and fraudulent acts. 
According to reports, singer Harrysong and his manager were overnight guests at the Station. 
Surprisingly however,  Harrysong's last update on his Instagram account suggests that a truce has been called. 
Also, the singer already changed his Instagram profile picture, removing his record label logo and putting his own photo while sharing the logo of his former record label 'Five Star Music ' with the caption "I miss my family, love forever".
Does this suggest that Harry has been lured back to Five star?
Will Harry dump his own label to fulfil whatever obligations he owes the Five Star label? 
From what we know, friendship ends after a court room episode, closets were opened during the short war and hidden skeletons were spilled from both parties. 
We only hope this truce or friendship is everything it seems on the outside. 

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