Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hey, Ladies Have You Ever Had To Send Out A Search Party For Your Period?

This post is strictly for the ladies, if you are a guy, please respect our privacy and step out of this post. Well, if you are reading on behalf of your girlfriend, you may stay to give her the gist.

Seriously, I've been through a lot of things, and I have enough experiences to make me an authority over what I'm about to say, so believe me when I say there's nothing as kiling as checking your panties every minute looking for the tell tale sign that your period has arrived!

There's nothing as exhausting or frightening!
Have you ever had to send a search party out for your period?
Tell me how scary it is...

Its actually OK to be agitated once,
Pretty cool to search twice, but my dear you are doing your blood pressure a great disservice if every month you have to wait with bated breadth, its not right.

Except you are trying for a baby...and you're not even allowed to be agitated then.
However if your fear each time is "God please where is My PERIOD?" Sorry you are a case!

You know being pregnant is actually not wrong, but it becomes kinda wrong if you expect blood and you get a foetus!
I think its safer if we stay safe or play safe.
No one will pretend to be an angel, so it's safe to just tell talk from experience .

Only about 30% of men who impregnate their girlfriends end up marrying them.
Who ever told you being a single Mother is fun has a warped definition of fun!
So if you are not sure, be safe.

Stop sending out hunters for your monthly flow every 28 days you might get unlucky o...A period that will not come will NOT come. Sefini.


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