Monday, February 27, 2017

Ibadan, Oyo, Stood Still For The Inaugural Ceremony Of The Ibile Peaceful Assembly! (Photos)

Not in a rush will Oyo town and the city of Ibadan forget the great feet that walked in a peaceful inaugural ceremony of a new liberation and non partisan group in the state last weekend.

The group, Ibile Peaceful Assembly, a foundation awoken from the dream of a total liberation for the people of the Nation.

Scattered around the Southwest and the Northwest, the Ibile Peaceful Assembly was officially launched in Ibadan city and Oyo town over the weekend in a ceremony that brought together people of great minds.

Ibile Peaceful Assembly was ably put together by Hon Audullah Saheed Mosadoluwa the Baba Ibile and Hon Fatee Mohameed, the Iya Ibile Worldwide to HIJACK political structure from those who achieved power through political subterfuge.

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