Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Kidnappers Demand $300,000 From Families of Veronica Otogo and Friends!

The disappearance of Veronica Otogo and Her friend Bisola Mohammed became a public news when he the story made rounds on the social media after much tagging and sharing.

Only for us to realise that three friends actually got missing.
The friends were declared missing in Friday which coincidentally was Veronica's birthday.
Some suspected kidnappers have however contacted the families of the missing persons demanding for the total sum of $300,000 as ransom for their release.

The third missing person Damilola Oribuyaku reportedly joined the two friends at Cold stone Gwarimpa Abuja where they were getting ice cream for the birthday party.
The suspected kidnappers are holding the victims in u disclosed locations and demanding for the huge ransom from their family.

According to a family source, the Oribuyaku family are pleading with the kidnappers to come down as the ransom is too high for the humble and hard working family.
We can only pray and hope that these three young people return to us safely.

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