Thursday, February 2, 2017

Lilian Esoro's Birthday Shout To Hubby, A Joke Or An Insult?

Ubi Franklin the estranged husband Nollywood actress Lilian Esoro was a year older today February 2nd. Not many people expected a shout out from his wife Lilian but she shocked us with one.
Lilian's birthday shout out came as a surprise to all and the caption also came as a shock.
The actress shared a photo of her hubby, the father of her son Jayden with a caption that got the internet buzzing.
Happy Birthday 'Who Be Franklin! ' that was Lilian's caption on her husband's photo.
Now we are wondering, could this be a bike they once both shared, considering that 'Who be' and 'Ubi' sound alike?
Maybe it used to be an inside joke, something they both used to laugh over when the going was good.
But if not, could it be a  direct insult at the father of her child?  Just wondering, but since the celebrant himself found no fault with the post and also endorsed it with a like and a comment, we are forced to believe it was not an insult but a joke!

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