Friday, February 3, 2017

Maje Ayida Sues Toke Makinwa Over 'Fabricated' Book, Gives Her 7 Days To Retrieve And Burn All Copies In Circulation!

While Toke Makinwa was celebrating and enjoying the bliss of a new status after the publication of her 'tell all' book, her estranged husband Maje Studs was searching for the best British Lawyer money could hire!

Who saw this coming?  Well, I did, I actually saw this coming after reading the said book and realizing that Maje's name appeared over 300times! With different accusations and allegations, I saw a lawsuit coming.
Plus the fact that Anita Solomon is a Barrister!

Finally,  Maje has found the perfect law firm for the job and Toke has been slammed with a lawsuit.

Maje and his lawyers took all the time in the world... Waited for the book to be well distributed, waited for all the boom launch and the globe trotting, waited for the success of the book to settle in, then came the attack.

The lawsuit has claimed that Toke the author of 'On Becoming' slandered her ex husband by dishing out fabricated stories to her readers for the motive of pity and profit.

"Maje was never a serial cheater as portrayed in the libelous book" the letter claimed.

The ultimate verdict is that Toke writes a full pages retraction and apology to be published in three different news papers.
Well,  that is not all... She has to visit all our homes to retrieve the copies we bought and burn them within 7 days!

Now that is some verdict... Naturally,  Toke would fight this since it is quite impossible to achieve what is wanted of her.
It wasn't stated if the suit is negotiable.

Toke's reaction as at this morning is taking refuge in God!

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