Thursday, February 2, 2017

Matters Of The Heart With La'bos : He Breaks Up With Me Every Valentine!

I have been dating this guy for four years, every other aspect of our relationship is perfect. The sex, the love, the care...

One thing my darling is so poor at is giving gifts. I think he has the phobia of giving... If there is anything like that.
He has never given me a gift, except you call giving me cash for my hair occasionally a gift.
Since we began dating, valentine season has strolled past us three times and not once did I get a withered rose as gift.
The truth is he makes sure we have a big meaningless fight before February 14 to avoid speaking with me on that day. At first I thought it was just a coincidence, until it happened the second and third time.
I love gifts. Wrapping and unwrapping! I live to give and receive gifts but my Boo won't let it happen. Every gift I bought for him for Val, I ended up giving it to him in March!
It's the season again and he's already acting up... I have two valentine hang out proposals pending. I want to have fun... I know we'll fight. Trust me I can try to avoid the fight but he's something else, that fight will happen.
Then he'd come crawling back two weeks after valentine. Is it safe to say I am dating myself? Would it be cheating to accept one of these proposals and have fun on Valentine's?
Note that my guy has money, he's just not the giving type!

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