Thursday, February 9, 2017

Matters Of The Heart With La'bos : My Love Or My Job? Both At Stake, Which Should I Save?

Before you rush off to call me an unserious person, please read my story patiently and help me make this hard decision.
One the 14th of February, my relationship with Ayo would be 3 years. Three years of togetherness, of companionship and of true love.
For someone who's had series of heart wrenching relationships, trust me when I say AY brought back life to me.
I was in a very bad place when he found me, I was hopeless and bitter but he pulled me out of that hopelessness and helplessness.
The only problem with our relationship is me. Although I tried, I have not been able to balance my career and relationship.
I have always placed my career above everything at the detriment of my live life.
Many times, I stood my loving boyfriend up because of my job.
Luckily for me, I have the sweetest man who is also very understanding. He was cool with everything I did.
Well, I thought he was.
Two weeks ago, he told me he wanted us to have a good time together and since I was due for leave, he wanted me to take the third week of February off and he would do the same.
I checked my calendar and noticed the marked days February 13 to 19. I noticed also that it was the valentine week and I agreed. Sent the application for leave and got it.
We were both happy and made plans of spending a whole work free week together, not to mention Valentine's Day.
Then something happened. My colleague who works in the same department with me suddenly fell ill. Not just ill but seriously ill, so ill that she was rushed to her village on her parent's request.
My boss summoned me and informed me that I couldn't take my leave as proposed, I had to wait until there was someone to replace me.
I was sad but I totally understood the situation and agreed.
Ayo did not understand. I begged him, cajoled him, promised to take one month off, he was adamant. He said I should make my boss realise I had a life outside the job.
It finally boiled down to me choosing my job or our love.
I thought he was being unreasonable, selfish and annoying until I told his friend about it, then I understood why he was upset.
Ayo was going to propose to me, he had made all the arrangements with a big events planning outfit, he had invited families and friends for the engagement party which would take place on Valentine's Day.
I couldn't believe it. No wonder... I begged my boss to give me February 14 off, but he looked at me like an unserious person and refused.
I stylishly begged Ayo to consider another week for his leave and he refused.
Please what should I do? I have a few days to decide. My love or my job? What are the odds that I'd loose my job? Believe me, my boss is one tough man.
The odds that I'd loose my love, I seriously can't say, and that scares me!
I have a good job and a good man, I wish I didn't have to make a choice between them.

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