Sunday, February 5, 2017

Nationwide Protest : Revealed! Why Tuface Suddenly Became Camera Shy...

In as much as many have accepted and even respected Tuface's decision to back out of the Nationwide protest despite his resolution to make it happen, it is expedient to critically look at the situation and think on what could be the reason for the overnight decision to cancel the protest. (overnight,  literally)

The video of the singer announcing that the protest would no longer take place was received with shock and disappointment while many could not stop looking into Tuface's eyes as if they wanted to see beyond and know the reason, the real reason.
One thing that was very conspicuous in the one minute video was the singer's inability to look directly at the camera, there was this almost 'guilty' look on his face. Like he was sorry for letting us down, like there was more to what he was actually saying.
Rumours have also made rounds that the singer had been threatened by the government severely and as a man who has so much at stake he had no choice but to bend to the will of the government.
While Nigerians were still working on hearsay and speculations, a facebook user revealed that Tuface was allegedly visited and taken away by men of the DSS last night, and although the details of his short arrest was not known, it was apparent that he was badly shaken and flustered after the incident which would account for his face before the camera.
Asides this unproven fact, since his 'overnight'and eleventh hour announcement, the singer has gone MIA on the social media.
Not even his number one supporter Annie has shown her face to support her husband with a single post.
This clearly to Nigerians means that something is fishy.
Meanwhile, many celebrities are with EiE on going ahead with the march despite Tuface's situation.
Whether or not the staged February 6 protest happens, one thing has been made known to Nigerians through the events that unfolded from the planning of the protest to its cancellation.

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